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Option One - Ready To Rock Be Box

Looking for a particular occasion? Think of Be Box as your very own personal shopper! From only £8, we have have a selection of premade boxes, celebrating almost every life win, from Adoption to 'Yes To The Dress'. Having scoured to find the perfect selection of products for each box, they are sure to brighten up a doorstep delivery - we're officially your 'Fairy Gift-Mother'. 

Option Two - Build Your Own Be Box

Like a Pic 'n' Mix situation? This option is for you! For only £20, select up to 5 products for your bespoke Be Box, prior to selecting your free greeting card. This option allows you to personalise your Be Box with some inside jokes and tailor make their present to any life win.  

Option Three - From £5 Be Box 

Looking for a little something without breaking the bank? We aim to make Be Box as cost-effective as possible. Helping our customers send ’a little something’ that is both useful and the perfect keepsake, without breaking the bank, was our thought process behind the ’Gifts From £5’ section. As always, prior to check out, don't forget to add your free greeting card. Keep an eye on this section for more items to be added soon!